Time Travel Daily Diary
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Time Travel Daily Diary

One full rotation of the Earth around the Sun is called a year. The length of a year is not fixed. A year has 365 days, or 366 days in leap years.
In fact a year, a complete rotation of the Earth around the Sun, is made in 365 days 5 hours and 49 minutes. The 5 hours and 49 minutes are ignored 3 years on a roll and the forth year, the leap year, are added to form the 29th of February, the 366th day of the year.
In reality the Earth has more or less a constant speed, so if we take 2009, the complete rotation around the Sun ended 5 hours and 49 minutes later than we celebrate it. The end of the year was actually at 5:49 a.m. on 1st of January 2010 but we ignore this fact until 2012.
I calculated how much time we ignore each day by dividing this extra time - 5h and 49 mins- to the 365 days and it came out that we ignore 57 seconds, almost a minute, per day.
From 1st of January 2009 until 9th of October 2010 there are 647 days, so we will ignore about 10 hours and 17 minutes. It means that the position of the Earth in connection with the Sun will be 10h and 17 minutes behind on the orbit than we say it is.
So on 09.10.2010 we actually live in the future by 10 hour and 17 minutes. If our clocks indicate for example 8 p.m., the real time is in fact 9:43 a.m.

Following my above inductive reasoning (pretending the theory of Relativity doesn't exist) and considering the laws of Newton's physics, the calendar is made on the idea that time is linear and objective, we never live in the present.

The idea that we live in the future fascinates me. That is why I decided to live from 9th of October until 23th of November with this calendar that doesn't ignore the time (57 seconds) each day until 29th of February 2012, but take them in consideration and thus bringing me back to the present.

You can see my schedule attached to this copy of the daily diary that I will keep during this experiment. In this diary I will document the entire period in which I will basically switch night with day light.
You can fallow this diary on internet on www.cristinadavid.ro
For those who want to share a little present time with me (live for few hours in the present), I would be happy to have breakfast or a coffee (in the middle of the night ) with you in Murcia. Please contact me via my website or Manifesta8.

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